Chef Luigi Guerrieri

Luigi Guerrieri made his home in Greensburg after immigrating from Italy at the age of 17.  While in his mid-20’s, Guerrieri said he wanted to be a chef.  He was certified in Washington D.C., in 1985.  After performing his skills at a couple of smaller restaurants he then opened La Tavola Ristorante in 1991 with his wife Sherry.

La Tavola is able to seat 125 guest in the main dinning room, lounge, and  wine room.  The Champagne Room is a banquet area that can seat up to 110 people for parties, weddings, or special events.
Walk-ins are always welcome but reservations are suggested.

We hope your dining experience is a very enjoyable one, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Bon Appetito!